Laurie Rezanoff of StarSeeker Connection Welcomes YOU…

Dendera Zodiac 50 BC, Hathor Temple, Dendera, Egypt

Dendera Zodiac 250 BC, Hathor Temple, Dendera, Egypt

To the Wonderful and Timely World of ASTROLOGY!

What can Intuitive Spiritual Astrology offer YOU?

  • Intuitive Spiritual insights into the WHY of who YOU are
  • A closer look at HOW you’ve managed to evolve in YOUR OWN TIME, On Time
  • Key planetary cycle timings kicking off WHEN changes and challenges happen in YOUR life
  • Showing what YOU signed up to experience in this Time and Space, WHO you are Soulfully
  • Offering insights into WHAT your Ego Shadow self is mirroring for YOU, and may be holding you back from BEing truly Authentic!

Laurie also offers:

  • Monthly New Moon Cycle reports to assist YOU with your monthly challenges to listening to your emotions and following your intuition and receiving those hits of insight that help YOU drive your own life forward.
  • 5 levels of ONGOING Astrology classes – delivered in person or via Skype for long-distance students since 2011.
  • 2014 Forecast Reading, showing how the planetary formations (Cardinal Grand Square), Lunar and Solar Eclipse themes are activating key CHANGE and initiating NEW BEGINNINGS in your life this year.
  • Astrological Readings: Birth chart (aka Sacred Contract); Solar Returns and other Planetary Returns showing the TIMINGS of your particular planetary cycles operating within YOUR life; Business Solar Returns; Relationships Readings; ASTRO-Dice mini-readings; MidLife Awareness Timing Reading (aka Uranus Opposition) to name a few…
  • Gift Certificates available for all gifting occasions.
  • A Referral Program when you pass on the good word about Laurie’s work – discounted readings in the future for the person passing on referrals.
  • CALL LAURIE at 1-855-332-4791 toll free in North America, or locally 587-353-8085 in Calgary, Alberta Canada or email: info@starseekerconnection.com for more details or to network.

Check out my COSMIC WEATHER Blog page – and sign up for it there – to receive more detailed information of key yearly planetary alignments such as:

  • The 3 Mercury Rx (Retrograde) timings each year – when communication and its technology seems to go sideways – and why and when (helps to know when the logical brain is taking a rest, allowing your more creative brain – and intuition! – to take over)
  • The Spring/Fall Eclipse seasons – featuring pairs of Lunar/Solar Eclipses which seem to activate key change in our lives while downloading Universal energies which in turn activate new Soul growth within each of us.
  • Key ongoing planetary alignment coping strategies – such as the current URANUS square PLUTO in Aries/Capricorn which has 7 passes between June 2012 and March 2015! Learn how these two planets are mirroring key change within us all (reflecting all the outward changes we see via government, countries and Nature around us). Most important is how our newest planet, ERIS, is also involved with Uranus’ position in Aries – bringing most needed instinctual change for both genders as we REBALANCE our inner feminine/masculine selves in equal levels of BEingness.

Connect to the Astrology software website I personally use:

Here is the link to Time Cycles Astrology software for the MAC computer: http://timecycles.com/

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Laurie sends out current insights about all planetary alignments that occur between the 4 Cardinal Points of the Solar Year:

  • Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice
  • Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox
  • Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice
  • Winter Solstice and new Vernal Equinox